Solution to your high blood pressure... Vaccine?

VaccineA brand new vaccine has been introduced by leading British Scientists to control high blood pressure and save thousands of lives in the UK alone. High blood pressure is blamed for 60,000 deaths a year in Britain; statistics shows it affects a third of all adults.

Based on a protein found in limpets, the course would include three jabs every six months. Current medication to treat patients with high blood pressure has been highly criticised about their side-effects and is in danger of individuals simply stopping their medication due to this.

Protherics (the Cheshire based drug company) announced that the vaccine will make it much easier for people to control their blood pressure. The company is planning trials for an improved version of the jab, which is ten times more effective at stimulating the immune system than the original formula.

“Improving compliance in this way could save thousands from life- threatening complications such as heart attacks or stroke” said the company’s Dr Andrew Heath.