Dig for victory

Clive Wheatby Clive Wheat - Although I am far too young to remember, was this not the battle cry during the Second World War who would have thought nearly 60years later it would have some bearing on what is happening in 2009.

Because of the high food prices, rising unemployment and the credit crunch now is a great time to start growing your own vegetables, not only will it save you money but it is much more satisfying to eat your own produce.

If you are a complete novice at growing, potatoes are a good place to start. They can be grown in the ground [as most people do] in bags or pots. Also you can plant at different times to give a succession of produce, starting with earlies, then main crop finishing with lates.

Some good varieties to look for,

Arran Pilot, Desiree, Foremost

Mid February is plenty early enough to purchase your potatoes, it gives you time to start them chitin and also for the ground to warm up.

Feb/Mar is also good months to sow seeds. Try to involve children with the seed sowing process; they will derive a great deal of satisfaction from this. Also it is great to try something new in vegetables seeds. Johnsons do a range called ‘world kitchen’ and these are four suggestions I have tried.

Clive’s vegetable seed pick

Carrot Purple Haze F1 Squash Butternut Sprinter F1 Pak Choi Hei Xia F1, Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna

Start to collect all the items you will need in February so when the weather is right you are ready to sow and grow.

Sowing compost is best kept somewhere at room temperature, Bulrush is a medium I have used for years as it is made for professionals.

Top 3 February Pond Tips.

Clear out all leaves from pond

Check pumps are clean and are in working order

UV Bulbs need replacing after 9000,s hours so the best time is in late Feb/March

All pond accessories and advice can be found at Wheat’s Aquatics.