Don't let your fence cause offence!

New research released today by leading woodcare manufacturer, Ronseal, has revealed that fences, hedges and railings do far more than just marking boundaries – they set a visitor’s first impression of your property before they step inside. Not only does it reflect on your personality but according to estate agents it could cost homeowners and landlords money!

As part of the launch of its new Spray or Brush Fencelife product, Ronseal questioned 1,000 people from across the UK, about the impressions they formed when they viewed a property from the outside.

Nearly half of people (48%) said a badly maintained fence, hedge or railing around a property immediately gave them a negative perception of the property. A third said it made them think the owners were lazy, while 18% said they thought it made the house and the surrounding area, look run down and tired.

On the flipside, a well maintained fence, hedge or railing made people think the property inside was also well maintained and attractive, reflecting positively on the surrounding area.

Emma Jeffreys from Emsleys Estate Agency commented: “In our experience, properties with well maintained fences and attractive gardens will appeal to potential buyers more than those with run down outdoor spaces. It’s therefore really important to make sure these areas are looked after and in good condition. In the current climate spending less than £25 and giving up an hour of your time to potentially increase your property’s appeal – and even its value – is a no brainer.”

Charlie Dimmock, who is working with Ronseal on the campaign, said: “Fencing serves an obvious purpose; providing privacy from your neighbours and marking your boundaries, but it’s one of the first things that can be overlooked in a garden and is often neglected.

“The condition of your fencing can reflect on your property, especially if it’s at the front of your house, so it’s really important to make sure it’s looked after and in good condition. It really doesn’t need to take a lot of effort either, and a well maintained fence sends out a really positive image of your property to visitors and passer-bys.”

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