New nationwide service launches to speedily reunite missing pets with their families

With over 16 million cats and dogs in the UK and 43% of the nation's households owning a pet we have long been a country devoted to our furry friends. Sadly however, pets do sometimes get lost or go missing and when this happens it can be very stressful and upsetting for the owner and their family.

Now a unique new nationwide pet-finding service launched this week called; Ident-a-Pet ( promises to make the process of finding and returning your pet as trouble-free and speedy as possible.

When a pet is lost it can be a very difficult time to think clearly as to what practical and immediate steps should be taken to find it. The Ident-a-Pet team have been in the pet welfare business for a number of years and there experience is invaluable. As soon as they are informed that a pet has gone missing the company will put into action the crucial processes that will ensure the best chance of finding your pet quickly.

Ident-a-Pet will immediately alert your local police station and dog warden as well as making all local pet rescue centres aware of your missing pet. You will be sent fifty flyers with a picture of your pet for you to circulate in your local area or the area in which the pet went missing. 'Lost Dog' posters are proven to increase the chance of a pets return by over 200%. In addition a picture and full description of your pet will be placed on the website. The highly experienced Ident-a-Pet team will provide advice and assistance, and liaise with you until your pet is found.

Registering your pet with the Ident-a-Pet service is easy and can be completed online in just a few minutes. Simply provide a full description of your pet onto the Ident-a-Pet system and your pet will be given its own unique Ident-a-Pet ID number. A disc is then sent to you to attach to your pet's collar. This disc displays your pet's unique ID number as well as a 24hr telephone number to be called by anyone who may find your pet.

The cost of the service is just £29.00 plus £1.25 postage and packing and this charge is a one-off cost that covers the whole of your pets life. Those registering before September will also be entered into a free draw with the chance to win a free portrait of your pet.

Should your pet ever go missing you will have the peace of mind knowing that the Ident-a-Pet system is already in place to find it and return your pet safely quickly.

The new Ident-a-Pet service is the first of its kind in the UK. To find out more and to register your pet
visit the company's website at