Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?

ChocolateEating chocolate may lower your risk of having a stroke, according to an analysis of available research that was recently released. Another study found that eating chocolate might lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke.

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, which may have a protective effect against stroke, but more research is needed.

The first s tudy found that 44,4 89 people who ate one serving of chocolate per week were 22 percent less likely to have a stroke than people who ate no chocolate. The second study found that 1,169 people who ate 50 grams of chocolate once a week were 46 percent less likely to die following a stroke than people who did not eat chocolate.

The researchers found only one additional relevant study in their sear ch of all the available research. That study found no link between eating chocolate and risk of stroke or death.

[Image Courtesy of André Karwath]