Clogau Gold takes the next step in the evolution of collectable jewellery

Clogau GoldTop UK jewellery brand Clogau Gold has launched a remarkable new collection that is set to be the next stage in the evolution of personalised, collectible jewellery...

With customisable jewellery being one of the hottest trends of 2010, and lockets being found around the neck of every fashionista, Clogau have combined these two facets of the jewellery world to introduce a collection that is as classic as it is fashionable.

Using unique filigree designs, each Inner Charm locket offers a glimpse into the heart by revealing a beautiful charm within – a spectacular modern twist on a classic theme.

Opening an Inner Charm locket is like opening a book – a book written from your heart. What you express through your Inner Charm locket is whatever is important to you, whether it's a personal desire, a goal that you have achieved, a memory of a loved one, an aspect to your personality or simply a piece of jewellery that you love.

This theme is continued through to the packaging with a made-to-measure wooden presentation box that opens like a book.

For your convenience, we include an 8-inch extension chain that allows you to extend the locket chain from 18 to 22 and 26 inches. Each charm hangs freely from a hook on the inside of the locket and can be replaced with any Inner Charm of your choice.

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