Dastardly clever those Volvo folk!

Volvo now make cars that run on fumes. That is if you read the fuel tables on the opposite page. This new breed of Volvos is just something else. Stylish with a capital ‘S’ and you can save the world just by driving them. If you would like to join this new world of futuristic Volvos be it the C30 S40 V50 C70 then your vocabulary would need to be more in tune with the likes of the crew from star trek! We often here chatter between Captain Kirk to his chief engineer

(“More Power Scotty”! “I’m doing the best I can Captain the Dialithium Chrystals are still heating up!”). Haven’t a clue what these are but they sound good!

Well Volvo sounds just as futuristic with words like nomenclature and piezoelectric. How about that it sounds great doesn’t it?

This car fits all from the youthful speedster to the sophisticated duo and we can also get grandad in one of these too!

But for the fleet buyer it gets even better It’s a good old saving of cash. Now we are listening.

The new Frugal D3 DRIVe will have fleet buyers queuing. Why ? Because CO2 emmissions fall below the all important 160g/km. writing down allowance which falls neatly below that (‘I’ve been clobbered tax band’)

So what have we apart from a stylish cost effective reliable beautiful comfortable shapely big and small vehicle? A VOLVO with plenty of extras- no more winging about why has he got electric windows, mirrors etc and I haven’t!

Who better to get a Volvo from than a local family run business, who have more accolades than you can shake a stick at... TMS who like to say yes... TMS Volvo Hinckley call: 0844 470 4347