Field of Dreams, Pt. 1.

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Seven long years have been spent, working on a golf course which will end up as one of the county’s richest and best-played courses. Nick, his son, Mark, and team have put their hearts and souls into the course. It has changed massively since last year when we visited. I’ve looked at the hard work put into this new golf course and you can see what he was talking about. It isn’t finished, but wow - you can now get to grips with it on a 9 hole preview course. With Nick’s experience as a golf hack, he has played all over the world and took knowledge from all the courses he has played on, for example, the number 7 hole. He has put the best parts of his worldly knowledge and experience into this course. If anybody saw the film ‘field of dreams’, about the man who changed his wheat field into a baseball field, this is the english equivalent.

Field of Dreams
The downturn in property prices hasn’t helped, but they single-handedly forge on. It is a testiment to true grit that there is no compromise on the quality

Field of DreamsI once asked him which of all the golf courses around the world that he has played at, did he think was the best. He claimed that it was the ‘PGA National USA, West Palm Beach’, because of their attention to detail. That same attention to detail is reflected in what is now transpiring right on your doorstep in Market Bosworth. When this is up and running and fully matured, and the golf house is built, it will be a massive asset for the county. Some years ago, the golf union came to look at it, and were impressed then. If they came back now, they would be blown away. This course has the potential for national players playing in the county, which would be a great tourist benefit for the county.

As it is not the finished article, the preview golf will give you the opportunity to experience what this golf course has to offer as it transforms before your eyes.

The man hours and labour that has gone into this course is staggering and runs into millions (£). Temporary facilities will be made available until the final funding to build the exclusive clubhouse is in place. What is needed is a white knight, or for founding members to come forward and take up their positions.