Online shopping has saved Britons £27,024 each over the last ten years

A survey published recently revealed the astonishing figure that on average every online shopper is saving £2,702 every year by bagging top deals on the internet.

The survey, of 3,000 shoppers conducted by an online internet insurance firm, discovered that the savings were made in deals for holidays, insurance, clothes, music, books, toys and electrical goods. Nearly three-quarters of those polled said that they made most of their purchases on line.

The biggest saving was to be found in weekly supermarket shopping. 10 years ago the average in-storespend was £71.22. Online shopping has seen that figure fall to £48.98. Over ten years, that would be a saving of £11,564.

According to the survey, we now spend an average of 22 hours per week on the internet: compared to just six hours 10 years ago.

Just over half of respondents said they no longer had time to go to the high street.