Buy Red Mason Bees to boost your crops

Mason BeesCJ Wildlife’s new 108 page Handbook of Garden Wildlife is now available. The latest edition of this ever popular handbook features the widest range of wildlife friendly plants that the company has offered to date, including over 20 new plants to choose from that are great for creating a wildlife friendly garden by attracting beneficial insects, birds and mammals into your garden. If you like to grow your own there is also a new selection of herb and jam sets, as well as a selection of beautifully decorated bird tables and water dish. The handbook also provides useful hints and tips about the wildlife in our gardens and how best to attract and care for them.
This handbook also features a first; Live Red Mason Bee Cocoons.
CJ Wildlife have been researching Red Mason Bees for several years and their trials in cherry and apple orchards have shown superb results, the outcome of which has led to them now being able to exclusively offer customers the opportunity to purchase their very own Red Mason Bee Cocoons.
Red Mason Bees are hugely beneficial to our gardens and crops as they are excellent pollinators of fruit trees, raspberries, strawberries and vegetables and are fond of a wide range of flowers and tree blossom. When they emerge and start nesting in your garden, you will be helping to boost the local population of these super pollinators which in turn will help your garden flourish.
As this is a seasonal product, bees will only be available up to the middle of April 2011.
If you would like to be added to the mailing list to be kept informed about the ongoing CJ Wildlife Red Mason Bee project, or to register your interest in purchasing bees in spring 2012, please email or visit Or to request a copy of the FREE Handbook of Garden Wildlife call 0800 731 2820 or visit