University of Bonn joins iTunes U

The University of Bonn has launched on iTunes U, a dedicated area of the iTunes Store ( that offers free audio and video content from leading education institutions worldwide. More than 200 pieces of content from the University of Bonn can be downloaded to a computer, iPhone, iPod or iPad. The University of Bonn has produced most of the material now available on iTunes U in the course of a podcasting project that has been supported by Germany’s research funding agency Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for the last three years and that has a focus on communication scientific results in a new and timely way.

Along with its activities on iTunes U the University of Bonn also offers its podcasts to the public on the video portal that reflects the broad variety of topics covered by the researchers of the university. Topics range from the arts to the natural sciences and medicine. Many of the podcasts are produced by students who contribute to the podcasting project as video journalists.

As one of the leading research universities of the country, the University of Bonn makes a particular effort to provide up-to-date information on recent research results from various areas with a growing number of science Podcasts. In addition, offers selected lectures and presentations from scientific conferences via iTunes U.

Over 27,000 students as well as the broad public are able to access podcasts, videos and lectures for free anytime, anywhere on iTunes U.