Explore the wild side of your garden

Birds are not the only creatures that can find their way to your garden – find out how to enjoy your very own nature reserve with the help of Wildlife Whisperer.

No matter what size your garden, any outdoor space can become a haven for wildlife and Wildlife Whisperer, an exciting online resource, is helping all nature lovers make the most of it.

The team, which includes world-renowned naturalist, TV presenter, photographer and author Simon King OBE, are experts in wildlife watching. Through Wildlife Whisperer they share a wealth of free information, videos, news and access to some of the most effective equipment to help people enjoy the magical experience of getting up close and personal with wild creatures.

Find out where you should put water, place food and provide shelter and even set up your own Nest Box camera, available from £94, to take a peek into the secret lives of your garden birds! Visitors are encouraged to quiz the experts with all kinds of questions in the Wild Bites section of the website.

Wildlife Whisperer’s online shop is full of quality equipment and gadgets to help you get close to your subject. The sound of birds plays a big part in the serenity of the outdoors and is, perhaps, something that the majority of us take for granted. For £135, BirdMIKE represents 270 species of birds with recordings; a great way to identify birdsong. And if you are lucky enough to have space in your garden for a pond and all its treasures, an underwater camera will provide the perfect opportunity to spy on your pond life.

“There are few activities as simple and rewarding as attracting wild creatures to your garden,” says Simon. “And there’s no doubt about it, the more you know and understand about the needs of garden wildlife, the more success you will have in bringing a rich variety of characters to your doorstep. Wildlife Whisperer can help you enrich your wildlife watching experiences, at home and further afield.

Visit www.wildlifewhisperer.tv for all you need to know.