Quite simply we make wine for drinking & enjoying

What a marvelous philosophy and one I definitely subscribe to. Imagine giving two different chefs the same recipe and see how each produce a different dish, so it is with wine.

Travelling far and wide in my thirst for knowledge and the panoply of peop le I have met, a few really stand out and Claudio Man era of Araldica Vini is one such. There is a saying in the Wine World - know the winemaker, know the wine / taste the wine and know the winemaker. Claudio is a soft, generous man an d you can imagine him actually talking to his wines as they ferment and then mature.

Araldica Vini Piemontesi are a large and expansive company but one that is run as if a family business. Claudio is the second of his family to be the Managing Director and he has led the way in their investment with vineyard improvement and now fine new wineries as well. The irestate of Cascinone is quite beautiful. I was there when it was but a hole in the ground with only a vision in mind but then last year I was a guest in their lovely Guest House, right in the middle of the vineyard. You wake up to views that are so stunning they take your breathe away.

Quite simply we make wine for drinking & enjoying
Over the last 10 or 15 years the region of Piemonte has seen radical changes in wine-making. Set south of Turin there are mountains and valleys that will set your heart racing with each corner you turn. Best known for its big, bold red Barolo, or the sweet fizz from Asti, today you will discover the joys of Gavi a crisp dry white or maybe Barbera a red full of cherries and raspberries and learn that Asti is the region not a wine style. With prices to suit all pockets, delightful people who have a much less arrogance than those in the cities of Romeor Florence and ice-cream to die for! There is nothing better than an ice-c re am at midnight as you walk back to your hotel at the end of a busy day. Bliss! But of course I am always there working, so don't get the wrong idea!

Two wines under the Allamanda label, Pinot Grigio & Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, are made for us by Claudio and his team. It is a joy to sell wines that are a step above the average. The cheap, poor quality versions are when producers take the 'never mind the quality, feel the width' attitude, but not so by Claudio. He must of course have his eye on the cost but not at any price, otherwise his credibility would go and with it our reputation.

Pinot Grigio should represent a style and quality of high regard in northern Italy. It should have a hint of ripe pears mixed with a touch of almonds, dry but with a soft acidity.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo should be dry but soft at the same time. A gently spicy red, with aromas of damson and dried fruits fruit flavours alongside tannins that 'shouts out' sunshine.

Allamanda Pinot Grigio & Montepulciano d'Abruzzo are available exclusively to George Hill Ltd in the East Midlands and cost £6.55 per bottle.

The Allamanda range are part of the portfolio of The Rolleston Wine Group. A group of 26 Independent Wholesale Wine Merchants who split the UK between them and are dedicated to offering good wines at good prices and with good service at the same time.