Farmville comes to life in the Big Apple and London in celebration of the global launch of Farmville English countryside

Sheep parade through New York City streets and visit London Landmarks to mark FarmVille’s All-New Chapter

Zynga Inc. brought to life a piece of the countryside in New York City and London on the morning of March 29, 2011, in celebration of the launch of FarmVille English Countryside.

Set against a backdrop of Manhattan skyscrapers and yellow cabs, New Yorkers were met with a strange sight as a herd of sheep guided by English farmers paraded through Times Square, Park Avenue and Wall Street to spread the news of FarmVille’s first major release. Meanwhile across the pond, English farmers also brought their sheep to the city to mark FarmVille’s all-new chapter with a visit to several London landmarks including the Jubilee Gardens.

FarmVille English Countryside features the opportunity for players to try their hand at farming a second location in the English Countryside complete with all new adventures, crops, and animals. The release comes on the heels of FarmVille’s incredible success around the globe. Over 200 million people have played FarmVille since its introduction and there are 15 times as many farms within FarmVille than in all of the United States.

FarmVille players can access the English Countryside portion of the game after reaching Level 20 in the game. Exclusive new features include:

Sheep Breeding - Quicker Crops - British Buildings

Zynga has also introduced several distinctive buildings and decoration items that have never appeared in FarmVille before, such as an English cottage and a police callbox. Also, players can change their avatars’ clothing to locally inspired attire, such as the Dashing Aviator or English Lady, while they listen to the newly-composed English Countryside background music.

FarmVille is currently available on Facebook, Yahoo! iPhone, iPad and Android. For more information or to play FarmVille English Countryside, visit: