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London's inventions Google mapped

Roller skates, jigsaw puzzles, the electric telegraph, plastic, canned food and cash machines all have one thing in common as they were all invented in London and have been tagged on Google Maps. have created the map to prove that London was a hive of innovation. The geotags are colour-coded depending on the category of the invention (eg fashion, science, art etc). There is a brief write-up of the invention, as well as the date they were invented and a link to a source.

London's inventions Google mapped
When Matt Brown editor of first set up the map he plotted a few inventions, then seeded it to relevant institutions and flagged it up to his readers, asking for suggestions of other inventions to plot. There are currently around 40 inventions plotted on the map. However, some are fiercely contested. One for example is table tennis, which may or may not have originated in London. Brown says he is always on the look out for feedback about the map as well as suggestions for more inventions to include.

Matt has also published a range of maps, which include one of the free Wi-Fi hotspots in London and a guide to hidden parks and gardens.