Make a miniature greenhouse

The majority of people drink and throw away plastic two litre fizzy drink bottles, however, you could turn a couple into a miniature greenhouse.

With a sharp knife, cut a small slit in the bottle about 4 inches from the bottom. With a pair of scissors then cut around the circumference of the bottle to remove the bottom. Trim the edges for a smooth look and feel. Discard the bottom.

How to Use Your Mini Greenhouse

Simply place it over the top of small plant pots with the bottom of the greenhouse resting on the table or worktop. Used in this way, it is easy to simply pick up the greenhouse and use it on another plant.

The mini greenhouse fits nicely over plants and rests in the soil inside the rim of a 4 to 6 inch plant pot. It provides extra moisture and heat to those plants that need a little boost.

Remove the cap from the bottle and set your plants in a sunny window. As the plants heat up, moisture will collect on the inside the greenhouse and return to the plant when the temperatures drop. Removing the cap from the bottle prevents the plants from over heating and allows for the exchange of fresh air.