Collaborative law and children

Justine Flack, Family and Collaborative Lawyer at Howes Percival LLPThe breakdown of a relationship usually results in many different issues having to be addressed. It can also make people focus on what is really important to them in life. Without hesitation, people often say "my children".

The result is that where a couple are separating, whether they are aware of it or not, they can have a common interest – to make sure that their children's future is secure. Both usually want to remain committed parents and do not want their children to suffer because their relationship has not worked.

The ending of a relationship can give rise to many issues which affect the children: where will they live; what time will they spend with the other parent; what part will a new partner play in the child's life; … to name but a few. All issues are important, not just for the adults, but so that the children feel secure.

By choosing to resolve matters via collaborative law, parents are supported by their lawyers through the process of negotiating and reaching agreement on all of the issues that affect their children. Jointly, the parents can make plans for now and for the future and they remain in control of arrangements. The focus is on solutions rather than confrontation and in supporting the link which two people continue to have as parents.

The benefits of resolving problems in this way is that parents can talk openly about their children, solutions are more workable and it is less likely that one parent will feel alienated. The result is happier parents, which usually leads to happier children, who then continue to have two supportive parents available to them. A future where both parents can be present at the school play, graduation and wedding day, becomes a true reality.

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Image: Justine Flack, Family and Collaborative Lawyer at Howes Percival LLP