Are we alone?

There are more planets and stars than there are grains of sand on earth - so why do we think we are the only living beings in this vast universe? View the storys below and make up your own mind.

The 2002 alien faceCrop Circles

Firstly we draw your attention to what looks like a crop circle, discovered in Winchester UK in August 2002. Paul Vigay was contacted for his views on this most impressive impression. He initially thought it had the look of an 'alien' face but the circular grid pattern intrigued him more. He discovered a binary code within this which reveals a hidden message. You can find out more about this strange crop circle by googling 'the 2002 alien face'

Tether Incident

A space ship fuelled by solar power via a tether stretching 12 miles into space, worked far too well on this mission, as the power generated threatened to blow the crafts energy supplies. A decision made to unhook the power supply resulted in unbelievable footage. Soon the tether floating in space was inundated and teeming with unidentified objects, appearing out of nowhere. View the video below!

Stealing the suns energy

We are all aware of our suns large solar activity but this footage takes on a different meaning all together. Some people are claiming that you can clearly depict a unidentified object siphoning energy from the sun. This strange event took place this year. What do you think, is it a natural phenomenon or a UFO stealing the suns energy?

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