Daughter donates £5,000 in memory of her mother

Daughter donates £5,000 in memory of her motherMrs Heather Ford has donated £5,000 to name a Hearing Dog puppy in the memory of her mother, iris giles, who passed away on the 6th april 2012 aged 89. Heather met volunteers of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People at the Burbage Carnival in June who put her in contact with the local representative. the Charity attended Burbage Carnival as it is one of the chosen charities of the Mayor of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council; Councillor Martin Cartwright.

the Labrador puppy which has been named Sam after Mrs giles’ favourite dog was born on the 15th august 2012.

Heather Says “My mother was passionate about animals, she grew up in Coventry and survived the blitz, and despite losing her home to one of the bombs she never stopped helping animals wherever and whenever she could. in later life, one of her favourite dogs was a black Chow Chow named Sam. She chose him when he was 8 weeks old. He was a wonderful dog with a fantastic character. throughout his 12 years he was a superb companion and friend to my mother.”

“I chose Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as my mother had hearing loss and I saw how isolating and frustrating it was for her. I know that she would be happy and contented knowing that her legacy was going to help change someone’s life for the better; that someone is going to benefit because of her love for animals. a Hearing Dog doesn’t just help with everyday sounds, they are also fantastic companions. I know that my mother would be over the moon that someone was going to have the chance to experience a partnership similar to what she had with her Sam; a companion to help end the isolation.”

Vicky Ryan, Community Fundraising Manager for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People says “Mrs giles, through her daughter Heather Ford, is helping us to continue our life changing work. Because of her, Hearing Dog puppy Sam is being sponsored through his socialising training, giving him a fantastic chance to become a life changing Hearing Dog once his training is complete”

“Hearing Dogs for Deaf People were lucky enough at the beginning of the year to be chosen as one of the Mayor’s charities. Martin and his team are working tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for their chosen charities. We were invited to attend the Burbage Carnival which allowed Mrs Ford the opportunity to find out the difference her donation could make.”

Mayor Cllr Martin Cartwright commented “I and my consort were lucky enough to visit the training center in york recently where the dogs are trained and can only describe the facility as a Prestigious Boarding School for Dogs. Having seen a local partnership before choosing Hearing Dogs as one of our chosen charities we know what a difference these dogs make to peoples lives and how marvellous the dogs truly are. We are delighted that Heather has chosen to make this donation in memory of her mother iris giles and pass on our best wishes to Heather at what is also a difficult time with the sad loss of her mother iris”

this year Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are celebrating 30 years of excellence in training dogs to alert deaf people to specific household sounds and danger signals, such as the doorbell, telephone or smoke alarm in the home, workplace or in public buildings. there are 750 hearing dogs currently in operation across the uK bringing independence, confidence and companionship to deaf people.

the Charity receives no government funding, so without the support of people like Mrs Ford, Mrs giles and the Mayor of Hinckley & Bosworth we would not be able to continue our life changing work.

If you would like to find out more about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People please visit
our website at www.hearingdogs.org.uk

To find out more about the Mayor’s Charities Appeal please visit
www.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk/mayor or contact
the Worshipful Mayor Cllr Cartwright on 0116 2874500 / 07850 707050.
E-mail boroughcouncil@appliancehome.co.uk

Image: Vicky Ryan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Community Fundraiser Midlands, Cllr Martin Cartwright Mayor Hinckley & Bosworth, Heather Ford, Sue Cross Mayors Consort and Berrie the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Working Dog.