A guide to Bra fitting! by Karen Forbes

Fitting Advice - I have always found that if you take a number of different ladies who have identical under and over bust measurements - the bra that actually fits them is often very different.

This is why I advise you should think more about how your bra feels and looks rather than get hung up on a measurement/number. Measuring is only a guide – it’s about how you feel in your bra!

I find the easiest thing to do is stand in front of the mirror and assess yourself in the bra size you are currently wearing.

Use my top tips to assist you in finding the best bra size for you.

Does your bra ride up at the back? (It should sit level at the front & back)
This means the band size is too big.

Are your boobs spilling out of your cups? (Perhaps creating a ‘double boob’ effect)
Your cup size is too small.

Does the wire stand away at the front of your bra, between your boobs?
Your bust is pushing the bra away from your body because the cup size is too small.

Does the wire dig into your boobs?
Usually this is at the side towards your underarm. This means the cup is too small.

Are your straps digging in and leaving horrible red marks?
When your straps are pulled this tight, it’s usually to overcompensate for the fact that the underband of your bra is not offering enough support from around the frame of your body. Pulling the straps up isn’t going to get you that extra bit of lift, going down in the band size will.

Is your bra generally uncomfortable?
A combination of all the problems listed above can make your bra feel just plain wrong. You should feel comfortable all day long, so if you don’t it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size or style for you.

If you feel totally overwhelmed about what bra size you are then
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