Get some expert advice on taking care of your skin this winter

Get some expert advice on taking care of your skin this winterYour skin is your largest and most sensitive organ and as we head into the winter season it demands a little extra care. sk:n ( has 39 High Street clinics staffed with experienced nurses and medical doctors - all highly trained and skilled in delivering industry-leading consultations, free in-depth skin diagnoses and accurate, corresponding product and treatment plans suited specifically for each individual client. It’s care that helps combat the wintery effects on skin and care that sees people through their different skin seasons in life.

Ruth Breeden is Regional Nursing Manager for sk:n and says: “Studies show that winter can actually add five years to a woman’s age due to the reduced intake level of vitamin D (contributing to fatigue) and vitamin K. The cold can be harsh on your skin as we take less exercise and spend less time outside which is needed for making this much needed vitamin D. And we also turn to ‘comfort eating’.

“All things which have an impact on the health and well being of our skin, the results can mean duller complexions, more breakouts and even premature ageing. Being mindful of the needs of our skin can make a dramatic difference to our appearance.”

Ruth’s top tips on caring for winter skin

Stay hydrated – it’s easy to drop your water and clear liquid intake during the cooler months plus the effects of central heating and wind all add up to skin that is dehydrated and poorly supplied with moisture. Our skin needs water to function, aiding the lymph system in carrying away toxins. Try warm water with honey and lemon for a wintry alternative to cold water. Hydrated skin is smoother, brighter and healthier.

Be beautiful on the inside – a good vitamin C supplement won’t just help you fend off colds it will help keep harmful free radicals at bay. You can’t avoid them but you can minimise their risk of damaging your skin so take a daily antioxidant to promote health inside and out.

Adjust your skin care regime – it’s always important to ex-foliate, cleanse and moisturise but the needs of your winter skin will be different so be responsive. It’s common to think that skin needs MORE moisturiser and LESS exfoliation over the winter months but actually the opposite may be true. A good exfoliation will remove the dust and dirt drawn to your skin from long hours inside and too much moisturiser will block pores and cause breakouts. At sk:n, we prescribe skin care from the perspective of the skin’s complex needs and then we reassess and review every 4-6 weeks. In the clinic we are able to modify the skin care regime and offer on-going advice and support.

Don’t forget the sun protection – UV protection for your skin is an every day requirement regardless of the season. The damaging effects of the sun reach our skin even during the winter months so include a mosturiser with SPF rating in your skin care regime. It's common for clients to believe that sun damage can only be suffered by the over 40's but we see sun damage in clients 25 and under in our clinics, so it's never too young to start.

Sk:n clinics offer a broad range of modern approaches to managing youthful, healthy skin. Their beautifully appointed clinic environments and experienced staff are available for treatments including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, chemical peels, rejuvenation injectibles, thread vein removal, sun damage treatment and more.

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