We need your help to Back the Bid to Boost the Charnwood Forest

A campaign has been launched to encourage people to get behind a lottery bid to help enhance the Charnwood Forest.

Leicestershire County Council is hoping people power will help it secure up to £3m Heritage Lottery funding towards conserving one of the country’s most ancient, beautiful and environmentally diverse areas.

Residents can play an essential part in the bid by filling in a questionnaire – available at www.leics.gov.uk/charnwood_forest - about what they think about the area and what initiatives they would like to see happen there.

We need your help to Back the Bid to Boost the Charnwood Forest
If successful, the lottery money will be used to help support a range of programmes to conserve and enhance the landscape, and improve access.

Projects could include increasing training opportunities in countryside skills, the running of classes about the area’s history, historical recording and archaeological surveying.

Lesley Pendleton, Leicestershire County Councillor for Environment and Transport and Chairman of the Charnwood Forest Regional Park Steering Group, said: “The Charnwood Forest is a beautiful and unique area that is of important geological, historical and environmental significance.

“We hope people who either live in the area or who like to visit it will get behind our bid by filling in the questionnaire.

“Their responses will help demonstrate support and contribute to shaping what sort of schemes the money would be used for to help preserve its unique character.”

The Charnwood Forest takes in parts of the districts of Charnwood,

North West Leicestershire and Hinckley and Bosworth.

- Hard copies of the questionnaire can be requested by calling 0116 3057067.

The Charnwood Forest contains:

• Some of the oldest rocks in Britain – some containing the first evidence of multi-cellular life on earth (the Charnia Fossil, one of the oldest fossils on earth, was found in the area by a school boy in 1957)
• Eighty five species of breeding birds
• Nine species of amphibians and reptiles
• Twenty one species of spiders
• Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill Country Park and the Great Central Railway

For further details, see www.leics.gov.uk/charnwood_forest