Five reasons why you should join the greenhouse gang this spring!

More than 18 million Brits are predicted to get their hands dirty in the garden this year, and with numbers on the rise, there’s never been a better time to get into the greenhouse.

Here are Nison Garden’s top five reasons to make a greenhouse your second home this spring:

1. Grow your own

New generations of Brits are rediscovering the pleasure of growing their own crops. While food is no longer in short supply, “growing your own” produce solves a modern dilemma by guaranteeing it is free of pesticides and is picked on the day it is eaten, maximising its environmental credentials and nutritional value. Modern gardeners can take advantage of Nison’s innovative new range of polycarbonate greenhouses which provide plants with better insulation and light diffusion while also offering protection from harmful UV rays.

2. save money

Instead of pinching pennies, why not pinch plants to encourage healthy savings to blossom? Purchasing seeds and cultivating plants is far cheaper than buying ready-grown versions from garden centres or buying imported fruit and veg from the supermarket. Exceptionally frugal (or cunning!) gardeners can exchange surplus seeds with others, perhaps even receiving a few free growing tips along the way. With prices for an Eazi-Click greenhouse starting at £379.99 for a 4ft x 6ft model, there really is no excuse.

Five reasons why you should join the greenhouse gang this spring!
3. extend your growing season

Get ahead of other gardeners by starting your crops in the greenhouse. This will allows gardeners to grow plants when they would normally be out of season, making them plumper when growing competitions roll around in the summer. It will also allow growers to explore exotic varieties not normally grown in the UK. Kahili ginger, bamboo and cacti are some of our favourites.

4. Gardening is free and healthy

Gardening burns 272 calories an hour— the equivalent of three and a half glasses of wine, a chocolate bar or a large latte not that we anticipate gardeners will be giving into cravings with a cupboard full of flavoursome fresh fruit and vegetables.

5. Gardening is good for stress relief and happiness

A study by University College London found that just 20 minutes of gardening a week can boost mood and reduce mental distress. High-powered celebrities like Ken Livingstone and John Humphreys have both been said to unwind from the pressures of a long day by tending to the garden. By adding a greenhouse, gardeners will never have to worry about inclement weather.

So for those looking to get fit, eat more healthily and be kinder to the planet in spring 2013 get to a greenhouse!

Image credit: Terrie Miller