Smart Solutions for Small Spaces

Smart Solutions for Small SpacesEverywhere, eager hobby gardeners are whipping up their green realms into shape. But it doesn't always have to be a big garden with sweeping lawns and countless plants. Particularly in large cities, there is plenty of drab waste land which remains unused. "In urban areas, there are numerous neglected stretches of land which could easily be converted into attractive city parks. City dwellers are increasingly discovering their green thumbs and the pleasure of working with spades and hoes," says Peter Menke, CEO of the Foundation Die Grüne Stadt. The Global Green Space Report 2013, conducted by Husqvarna Group, shows that many garden and balcony owners simply lack the time as well as the necessary know-how to successfully implement creative garden ideas. With careful planning and some gardening skills, every garden or balcony, however tiny it may be, can be transformed into an inviting garden paradise.

First steps
towards a vegetable garden If inexperienced gardeners intend to cultivate fruit, veggies or herbs in their small gardens or on their balconies, they should narrow down their choice to a few selected plants, since otherwise small spaces may quickly become overcrowded and appear restless. The best choices for a veggie garden are uncomplicated and fast-growing vegetables, such as tomatoes, radishes and lettuce. Small potted or trellised fruit trees snuggle perfectly together on balconies or cling to facades or walls and reward diligent city gardeners with a rich harvest of fresh fruit. Lest gardening novices be deterred from annoying gardening chores, Gardena offers a range of handy combisystem Hand Tools. The Gardena Flower Fork and the combisystem Hand Trowel are ideally suited for planting and relocating your green darlings in beds, flower boxes and big pots. Both tools feature particularly sturdy designs and, thanks to the comfortable handles, fit perfectly into any hand. The Gardena Planting - and Soil Gloves facilitate work even more. Their robust, non-slip and water-resistant coated palms and fingertips provide excellent grip and protect against dirt and moisture.

Clever ways of watering
Sufficient water is the be-all and end-all for your plants. Irrespective of balcony or small garden, Gardena has clever irrigation tools up its sleeve for all areas of use. The smart Gardena Micro-Drip-System guarantees tailor-made and water-saving irrigation for potted plants on the balcony or entire vegetable or flower-beds. Via drip heads, which can be installed above or below the ground, just the right amount of the precious liquid is transported directly to the plants' roots - without the slightest evaporation loss. Small spaces between one and 90 square metres are the métier of the Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90. Due to the “Quick & Easy” connection technology, it can be installed in next to no time, and efficiently takes care of square and rectangular areas with its self-cleaning precision nozzles. If needed, the operating range can be enlarged via an extension pipe. In this manner, even higher plants in beds or borders receive their optimum share of the life-giving liquid.

Owners of flower boxes, who are prone to forgetting their watering responsibility, ideally opt for the Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering from the Micro-Drip-System family. This comfortable irrigation aid works independently of the tap and, with its 25 inline drip heads, takes care of five to six metres of flower boxes. Thoughtful plant enthusiasts can select from amongst 13 different irrigation programmes. The precise solution to all watering needs!

Prevention is better than cure In order to enjoy their open-air paradise without worries, owners of balconies should make sure that their flower boxes are secured properly at all times. In case of improper installation, it's always the owner who will be held liable for any damage caused by falling parts and objects.