Gardening at your fingertips, plant snapp the app, identify any plant, anywhere

Gardening at your fingertips, plant snapp the app, identify any plant, anywhereWhether you're an active gardener, like nosing over the fence at others gardens or just dream of having green fingers, this is the gardening tool for you. PlantSnapp is a free iPhone and iPad plant identification app that provides the name, care information and a link to a HTA certified online order supplier of any plant you submit within hours. The app utilises its network of trusted horticultural experts and a database of over 6,000 plant species in order to quickly and correctly identify the plant.

With gizmos, gadgets and Google already being embraced by the gardening community, apps such as PlantSnapp are further transforming domestic gardening by making it easier and more accessible. As more and more younger adults take up gardening and the age of older adults using smartphones increases, PlantSnapp, which is aimed at professionals and novices alike, aims to bridge the gap between the traditional and modern world of horticulture.

- Smooth and simple design.
- 6,000 strong plant database.
- Access to some of the finest UK horticultural experts.
- GPRS aided photo recognition.
- Direct links to the best mail order plant nurseries in the UK.

PlantSnapp is the brainchild of CEO and Co-Founder George Williams, 23, a botanist with a passion for technology and serial entrepreneur CO-Founder Angus Rankine. George said “We want people to have access to any plant that catches their eye at the touch of a button and if we can boost the popularity of gardening as a result and in turn make Britain a greener place that would be a wonderful achievement”

PlantSnapp is in partnership with the UK's Bumblebee Conservation Trust, in an effort to save and reinvigorate the bumblebees in Britain. Bumblebees are essential for the pollination of a large number of plants including many that you wouldn't want to do without, like tomatoes, peas, apples and a host of other home garden plants. PlantSnapp can identify and recommend plants that are especially nurturing for bumblebees so users can also support the Bumblebee Trust and help stop their extinction.

There are gardening books galore and Google to give us all the right answers, but at a time when curiosity can be so easily satisfied by the devices almost all of us carry with us, PlantSnapp is a game changer in the way in which people interact with the world around them and will bring the worlds plants to their doorsteps.

For the future, PlantSnapp plans to launch automated identification once a strong database has built up and augmented reality integration. The app will also be available in other territories from January 2015. PlantSnapp is available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store now.

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Image: CEO -George Williams