£2 Million Surgical Robot For Leicester’s Hospitals

Leicester’s Hospitals hopes its new £2 million surgical robot will make a major difference to the lives of men and women in Leicester and beyond. In doing so it hopes to attract world-class surgeons.

£2 Million Surgical Robot For Leicester’s Hospitals
Launched today, the Robotic Surgical Programme at Leicester’s Hospitals will help patients requiring surgery for multiple forms of cancer, including prostate, bladder, rectal, cervical, liver, pancreatic and ovarian.

In comparison to keyhole and open surgery, the robot offers a host of benefits such as better cosmetic results, shorter hospital stays for patients, a lower chance of developing complications, less pain after surgery and reduced blood loss during the operation.

£2 Million Surgical Robot For Leicester’s Hospitals
Esther Moss, consultant gynaecological oncologist for Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “We are very excited to launch our new robotic programme. Robotic surgery provides a level of surgical dexterity, which cannot be achieved by standard keyhole surgery. It will enable many patients to have keyhole surgery who are not suitable for standard surgery, thereby enabling them to have the associated benefits, especially shorter recovery time.”

Sanjay Chaudhri, consultant colorectal surgeon at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “We are the one of the largest colorectal units in England and treat over 500 patients with colorectal cancer every year. The robot will allow us to offer keyhole surgery to patients with rectal cancer with improved surgical outcomes.” In addition

to major benefits to its patients, Leicester’s Hospitals hopes to attract and retain world class surgeons, while strengthening its position as a teaching hospital.

£2 Million Surgical Robot For Leicester’s Hospitals
Paul Butterworth, consultant urologist at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “The addition of the robot should ensure we become a regional centre of excellence for cancer networks. It will also enable us to continue to be a leading centre for clinical trials.”

He added: “This is really great news for Leicester’s Hospitals and for the people of Leicester.”

Image 1: Sanjay Chaudhri - Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. Laura Gray, Esther Moss Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist
Image 2: Lisa Gowan Dept General Manager Women's and Children's Rob Banner Director Trustee. Stuart Berry Director Trustee
Image 3: Michelle Barber. Katie Mitchell. Glynis Dublin