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Always Make Time for Breakfast!

Just a cup of tea for breakfast? If you are on a diet and think skipping breakfast is a good idea then think again. There is ample evidence that the simple act of eating breakfast every day is a big part of losing weight. A recent study has shown that those who eat breakfast burn more calories than those who skip it.
Always Make Time for Breakfast!

Researchers asked 35 lean people to refrain from food until 12 noon, or to just consume 700 calories before 11am for six weeks, and not to change the rest of their diet. The results showed that those who ate beakfast were most likely to expend more energy (around 440 calories) as they were more active in the mornings after consuming breakfast. They were also shown to have better blood sugar control compared with those who had fasted.

Breakfast skippers replaced calories during the day by nibbling, snacking and binge eating at lunch and dinner. Therefore setting yourself up for failure. So get into the habit of eating breakfast daily for successful weight loss.