The Quality Wood Flooring Guide from Michael John Flooring

Established in 1946 and having gone from strength to strength to become Leicestershire’s largest independent flooring retailer, we like to think that we know a thing or two about ‘quality flooring’.

In the third, and first of 2015, guide to Quality Flooring we will be profiling wood flooring and the many benefits that can be enjoyed by choosing the right wood flooring compared to opting for cheaper alternatives. We will also be looking more generally at wood flooring and some interesting facts you may be unaware of.

The Quality Wood Flooring Guide from Michael John FlooringPrestigious Brands

As with all types of flooring the market is awash with many brands and even more products, which makes it increasingly difficult as a consumer to choose a quality wood flooring.

However one of the advantages of being at the heart of the flooring industry since 1946 is that we understand what makes a quality flooring manufacturer. Which means you can have confidence in the products you buy from Michael John Flooring.

Kährs are one of a number of quality brands that we supply at Michael John Flooring. Their products come directly from the skilled craftspeople at Kährs, as they have for over 150-years, and they continue to produce beautiful, functional, natural products from nature’s finest material.

This attention to detail in all stages of production is something that you can’t guarantee in a cheaper wood flooring, meaning that a few months down the line it’s possible that you could have a variety of problems, including;

  • Buckling or splitting,
  • Unevenness,
  • Loose, noisy or squeaky floor,
  • Roughness
  • Stains/discoloration and others.

Buying ‘cheap’ can in fact be an expensive option in the long run.

Environmental standards

Another benefit of choosing quality wood flooring is that you will often be helping the environment. Quality wood flooring products are more likely to be FSC Certified than their cheaper alternatives. The FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) guarantees that the timber for your flooring has been responsibly sourced & manufactured. The F.S.C.  promotes responsible management of the worlds forests to meet the social, ecological & economic rights of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. 
As Leicestershire largest independent flooring retailer we want to reaffirm our commitment to the environment, which is why we provide accurate environmental information on all our products.
A large number of the manufacturers we work with also share this passion, including Kährs who have adopted the ‘’Beauty with a Conscience’’ mantra which personifies their, and our, commitment to sustainability.

Why choose Wood?

More generally, wood flooring has an increasing plethora of benefits for consumers who are in two minds about which type of flooring they would like to have in their home.

We’ve highlighted a selection of these benefits below.

  • Quality wood flooring lasts for decades, and with a minimal maintenance program, wood flooring actually looks better as the years go by.
  • Wood floors are actually easier to clean than carpets.  A simple brush or light vacuum keeps quality wooden flooring looking as good as new.
  •  Wood flooring is incredibly hygienic .
  • Wood provides a great medium to install under floor heating, which these days is considered by far the most efficient way to heat your house.
  • Wood flooring has a timeless appeal.  Wood’s appeal has lasted centuries and is now more popular than ever!
  • Estate agents say that houses with wooden floors sell twice as easily

Luckily for you at Michael John Flooring we have an extensive range of the very best wood flooring brands with a large selection of both contemporary and traditional styles enabling you to get that perfect wood flooring for your dream home.

For some inspiration why not check out our recent advert (pictured right) for an idea of what a quality wood flooring from Michael John Flooring looks like.

Or visit us in store where one of our expert team will guide you towards choosing the right wood flooring for you.
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