Do You Want to Stay Younger for Longer?

Do You Want to Stay Younger for Longer?A recent study of amateur cyclists (55-79yrs) discovered they were physically much younger than most their age, showing similar muscle strength, exercise capability and lung power to the younger participants. Professor Norman Lazarus from Kings College London said exercise can "Buy you extra years of function. Cycling not only keeps you mentally alert, but requires the vigorous use of many of your body's key systems, such as your muscles, heart and lungs, which you need for maintaining health"

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it as long as you live". - Mark Twain

Grand Prix Scooters have the answer for you, with an amazing array of electric bikes to suit any budget. Knowing whilst enjoying the moment you are keeping your mind and body young.

These trendy bikes come in an assortment of great colours, nothing stuffy about them. What with the retro bells, gizmos and gadgets these bikes are constantly evolving. Suitable for all age groups I've witnessed the young and trendy through to professors and OAPs whizzing round the roads. I can see a massive future in this type of transport.

"Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race". H.G. Wells

Phil recently mentioned retirement as he wants to spend more time to pursue other hobbies and pastimes.

(I thought he was far too young, he's fit as a butchers dog! If this is what cycling can do for you then count me in!) The business is not up for sale yet but if you have an interest please pop in and have a chat with Phil.

So if it's expert advise you are after or just a trial session please call Phil and his team. Well, it's as easy as riding a bike!

“Life is like riding a bicycle-In order to keep your balance you need to keep moving". Albert Einstein