Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - Fracking Hell!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - Fracking Hell!

Halliburton, the American oil services giant, which featured prominently in the Deepwater Horizon disaster (BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico) has been lined up as a potential contractor in Britain’s oil and gas “fracking” industry. Halliburton reached a $1.1bn settlement for a majority of claims relating to its role in BP’s fatal oil spill.

Halliburton was the oil services company that oversaw the cement pouring, while the Macondo well was drilled. The well malfunctioned on April 20, 2010, causing an uncontrolled blowout on the Deepwater Horizon rig, an explosion that killed 11 people and caused the largest oil spill in U.S. history. They have also been been fined for destroying evidence relating to the disaster - Hmm, not very trustworthy- and are we supposed to trust them with fracking in the UK? Not likely! They are also responsible for military sub contracting in Iraq, and we know how well that's going! Wherever they go it's bad news.

Halliburton invented the controversial oil and gas extraction technique known as “fracking”, that allows hydrocarbons to be removed by injecting a chemical fluid into shale rock formations. It is now the biggest provider of services in America’s fracking industry. Those who have been reading our articles will know what we think of that!! Although we are not against this per se, this has to be monitored and checked.

This energy company, (previously run by former US Vice President Dick Cheney) has held confidential talks with a British company planning to drill for oil and gas. Documents produced by Celtique Energie, a privately owned oil and gas explorer who

have four licences to test for reserves in southern England, have held meetings with Halliburton about sub-contracting deals for three of its areas of operation in Sussex and they "appear keen."

Halliburton involvement in Britain’s fracking industry indicated the accelerating scale of drilling envisaged across the country. Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “People in Sussex have seen the impact of fracking in the US, and the news that one of America’s biggest fracking companies could be coming to the area will make them even more ready to fight drilling plans.”