Welcome to the World of Fynburys Cider


Fynburys began as a twinkle in the eye of chief cider maker and director Mike Berry, after he purchased a property in Thistleton, about five miles from Rutland Water. The house had a small apple orchard, and Mike suddenly had so many apples that he didn’t know what to do with them. The answer soon dawned on him, and he gathered together a few of his Rutland friends. They built a home-made cider press using a car jack and some reclaimed oak, and crafted the first 200 litres of what is now the famous Fynburys Rutland cider. As you might imagine, a merry party or two was held, and everyone agreed that Rutland cider had a unique and delicious flavour. 

Today, just five short years later, Rutland cider can be found all over the county in pubs and clubs, and in towns and villages. Rutland may be the smallest county in England, but its’ fame is spreading as the appeal of Fynburys Rutland cider advances ever further across England. All of the apples used in producing Rutland Cider are locally grown, either in Rutland itself, or the surrounding counties. Fynburys has perfected the art of selecting the right varieties of apples in the right proportions to guarantee the taste, freshness, and quality of Rutland Cider in every bottle.

The ciders are made using completely natural products and processes, with no additives. Having sourced the apples locally, Fynburys goes through the process of scratting them into pulp, which is then built up into cheeses in the press. These are then pressed, producing 100% pure juice, into fermenting vats.

No additional yeasts are added, the process relying entirely on the natural yeasts of the fruit. It takes between eight and ten months for the cider to mature and produce the bright, still, clear Rutland Cider that you can buy. It is then pasteurised and bottled. This means that it will keep fresh without the use of any additives, such as sulphites, that are used in the vast majority of alcoholic drinks that are on the market.

Fynburys Rutland Cider uses traditional artisan skills, their pure juice develops into a still, clear, distinctively crisp cider with a fresh apple flavour. Mulled Spice Cider is an infusion of natural spices and gives this cider a rich and warming mulled flavour. Rhubarb and Strawberry Cider uses natural flavours taken from real fruit, this cider balances the sweetness of English Strawberry with the fresh bite of Rhubarb. Blackberry and Nettle again takes the natural flavours from real fruit, this cider combines English Blackberries with the fresh green notes of Nettle.

Should you wish to become a stockist for these amazing unique beverages then give Mike a call, he would be more than happy to help you out!

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Email: info@fynburys.co.uk