Clarkes of Queniborough: New Products for Summer

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Summertime and the cooking is easy! Especially when our are flavoured in smoky BBQ, mustard or sticky maple plus lamb culinary geniuses at the 'Dream Factory' have conjured up more delights for us to taste, helping to impress our family and friends around the dining table. So what do one of our favourite butchers have to offer this season?

Clarkes sell sumptuous gourmet hand made and hand pressed burgers, they really are second to none, rest assured they are not minuscule little patties, these are the real deal. Each burger contain no additives, hand-made using only top quality prime cuts. Last year burger sales rocketed and continue to grow. Strangely enough the demand rose considerably after Christmas (we had all had our fill of Turkey!) You just want to sink your teeth into their succulent 8oz burgers, try the beef and (Clarkes) smoked bacon, or beef and caramelised onion with a hint of black pepper and not to be missed, are the Beef and Chilli burgers - a sure fire hit at any BBQ. Clarkes also produce amazing pork burgers using the finest cuts of pork combined with apple, and pork with chorizo, again all hand-made. For lamb lovers try the mint, onion and lamb - simply delicious, or the succulent Greek style pork medallions.

The flavoursome pork belly ribs are smothered in either Chinese, maple, ginger or chilli marinade. Lip smackin' kebabs contain only the finest cuts of meat from 100% chicken breasts in either Thai, Piri piri, Italian, Garlic butter, Cajun, Tandoori, Mexican (Ask Ian for the full list, I'm running out of space!) Pork kebabs

covered in Mediterranean, Greek or mint spices. The team can make these delicacies in front of you, so you can see for yourself what goes into them, they are the butchers you can trust. Since conception Clarkes have always received 5* top marks for hygiene - its the first award you see on the front door!

We can't write any articles without giving our huge thumbs up to Clarkes award winning bacon and theire huge selection of award winning sausages including Queniborough, Herby, Churchill, Spitfire, Gluten free, Farmhouse thin (Again, ask for the full list!) Don't forget to bring back the (award winning) bacon! A recent addition are the beef truffles - a mince nest filled with smoked bacon, red onions smothered in a mushroom sauce, heavenly!

Thanks to you lovely readers, Ian and the team are constantly seeing new faces and a popular sentiment is “I have been reading about your shop in CLV magazine and just had to visit!” As Arnie says “I'll be back" and not only do they return but also bring members of their family and friends along too. Ian has customers from as far afield as Yorkshire, Nottingham and Northampton, who have read our previouos articles and when visiting the area, always pop into the shop to stock up. New clientele have been coming from Market Bosworth , Coleorton and Prestwold Ian tells us. “From all over really, I just don't get the time to ask them all, they come to see what all the fuss is about, none leave empty handed!” - Fantastic, you know what we say “Use them or lose them.”

Well, I don't know where to start with the delectable Pork Pies (as we know my Mum won't have them from anyone else!) “It has just snowballed, it's getting bigger, better and more popular” says Ian. Visiting the shop recently I heard, “Oi, Ian get making more pork pies - I've just taken your last three, you ran out last week so I'm taking them all!” Testament to the best pork pies in Leicestershire. Ian is delighted remarking. “The pork pies are the best thing I have created, and the new range are flying out the door!” Ian has had to take on a new member of staff just to keep up with demand. Remember a pork pie is for life not just for Christmas. 

Hold on to your hats - there's a new arrival. Clarkes Kitchen Ready Range, Ooh! the girls in the backroom have surpassed themselves in concocting a new range of raw ready to cook meals from the fridge. Made with 100% pure lemon chilli and Ginger, Cajun salsa and lemon and coriander, enough to tickle anyone's taste buds, and wow, what very generous portions they are. I have tried the Cajun salsa myself (It's a hard job being a Clarkes 'guinea pig' trying out the latest products, tee hee!) and it was truly delicious and great value for money too. They all come in oven proof containers and take approximately 40 minutes to cook, what could be easier?

The tasty satisfying frozen meals are growing in strength and Ian has recently started to supply two new outlets in the County. If you wish to stock these meals in your shop just give Ian a call, he will be more than willing to help. The fish pies we write about have taken the number 1 spot as bestseller in this massive range. We cannot reiterate enough that these meals have been made on the premises since 1988 and contain no additives, GM produce, E numbers or MSG, just wholesome hearty fare. Blimey, Ian can even tell you where the meat and vegetable come from (no supermarket can tell you that!) With prices starting from as little as £2.50 its no wonder the frozen ready meals are gaining momentum. These meals have also been used at many dinner parties and being passed off as the hosts cooking (word to the wise - make sure you dispose of the containers discreetly, you wouldn't want to be caught out!)

The meals are perfect for the busy family and you can rest assured you are eating nutritious tasty wholesome food. So tell 'mam and gran to put away the pan and fret no more they can be delivered to the door' (Minimum order £25). So for a veritable feast, or a special occasion treat, just heat, serve and enjoy - Go on, indulge yourself, you deserve a day off!