Which Fuel is Better for your Mower?

Grass cutting season is well underway but have you ever really thought about the petrol you use in your mower and what it is doing to you and your machine? Running a mower on normal fuel for an hour will give out the same exhaust emissions as 3 cars! However, Diamond Mowers can offer you Aspen 2-stroke Full Range Technology (for 2 stroke machines, already mixed with oil) and Aspen 5-stroke alkylate petrol which are the cleanest forms of petrol available on the market today. If you changed your fuel to aspen 4 stroke then you would need 36 machines running to give out the same emissions as 1 car. Aspen fuel gives you 99% cleaner emissions.

Aspen fuel does not attract water as normal fuel does and is storage stable up to 5 years whereas normal fuel starts to go off after 40 days, attracting water. Normal fuel eats away at plastic and rubber, but Aspen will bring worn rubber bak to life after time. 

Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters can be damaging to your health, the environment and for machinery. Aspen alkylate fuel will not choke up the engine in the same way as normal fuel and can save a lot on costly repairs to your carburettor system.

Aspen alkylate petrol contains virtually no sulphur, benzene or aromatics, making it better for you. It is ethanol-free, which is good news for your machines. The ready-mixed Aspen 2-stroke FRT alkylate petrol also reduces the risk of incorrect mixing, eliminating engine failures which would be a very costly mistake.

So if you have just bought your first can (or are planning to), congratulations! You, your machine and your local environment are winners!