Hints & Tips for Aug/Sept by David Greaves

Hints & Tips for Aug/Sept by David Greaves

Watering is essential in August as this is usually one of the hottest months of the year and where possible try and use recycled water to maintain water butt levels.

August is also the month to prune your summer flowering shrubs, make sure that you deadhead flowering plants regularly to encourage further flowering.

Now is ideal for collecting seeds from your favourite plants to store them ready for planting later on.

During this hotter season keep an eye on your ponds and water features and make sure they are topped up. Also feed the soil with green manures at this time.

September is a good time to buy the compost bin and begin building it up.

Carry on with weeding as most perennial weeds are susceptible to weedkiller in this month and systemic weedkillers will carry on working through the winter.

Clear any pest and disease that over winter in your garden or they will reappear next spring with a vengeance.

During September clear out the greenhouses and clean thoroughly to prevent pests from making their home here.

If you have heavy clay soil then begin digging it over during September and add plenty of organic matter to it.

If September is an Indian summer then continue watering the garden. This month is also a good time to plant your container grown shrubs, trees, fruit bushes, perennials and bulbs.