Have You Seen the Light?

Have You Seen the Light?

A lamb that was genetically modified with jellyfish DNA was sold for consumption in France, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. The lamb was killed after the experiment and should have been incinerated. However Instead of being destroyed at the end of the experiment, the genetically altered lamb was sent to a local abattoir and sold to a buyer for human consumption. 

It was reported the animal’s mother was a sheep called Emeraude whose DNA had been modified to include a jellyfish gene called Green Fluorescent Protein by researchers at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) in Paris. Scientists used it to study the impacts of various implants used in people with heart failure. Her lamb, Rubis, was born with the gene in 2014. Although produced for research purposes, Rubis was allegedly deliberately mixed with several other lambs that had not been genetically modified and sent to an abattoir. The lamb was then sold by the slaughterhouse to an unnamed individual in October 2014, though it's not clear how many people may have eaten it. INRA says the genetically modified lamb poses no health risk to humans.

INRA said it believes Ruby was transferred from the lab as part of a malicious act carried out by employees whose names have not been released. The agency also says it suspended the person responsible for selling the lamb, adding that its investigation revealed ‘tensions and dysfunction’ among leadership at the site where she was held. An INRA official tells Le Parisien that if charged and convicted, the perpetrators could face a fine of €75,000 and one year in prison.

The president of the INRA, Benoît Malpaux, described the apparently “malicious act” as unacceptable, but was quick to reassure the public that there was no risk to humans. “The consumption of this meat presents no risk for the health to the consumer,” he said. “We are sure that individual acts that are unacceptable were committed, followed by a chain of errors and responsibilities within the hierarchy.”

So, if you look at yourself in the mirror in the dark, rest assured if you are glowing it's not from the Ready Brek you ate this morning!! The only way to guarantee your meat is British is to go local, and use your butcher.

P.S. We now have a spider-goat that is genetically modified, the transplanted gene means the goat produce milk containing an extra protein which is extracted and spun into spider silk thread. - you'd better believe it! - We'll keep you posted!