Microwave Magic

'No Boil Over' Microwave Jug, Ref 19691, £5.99Microwave Omelette Maker, Ref 18401, £14.99Porridge to Go, Ref 18166, £6.99Microwave Pressure Cooker, 70053, £34.99

Microwave cooking made easy with these colourful additions to your cupboard. producing deliciously nutritious meals with much less hassle than pots and pans on the hob. Now you can boil milk in the microwave without worrying about it boiling over with this clever no boil over jug. Or make an omelette or porridge with ease and no hard to clean pans in sight! The microwave pressure cooker with 23 recipes included, both sweet and savoury to get you started, is ideal for saving precious time. Check out our website and see what else we have to offer.