Artificial grass: Prepare now for a perfect lawn for 2016

Artificial Grass

For the amateur gardener, there is an annual dilemma created by owning a lawn in the British climate. When do you make that last cut of the year and the first cut of the spring? 

There is often the good intention of one more mow before the winter, then the bad weather sets in and, as the grass gets longer and the rain becomes more frequent, the windows of opportunity in a busy life become fewer and fewer. 

Then, a similar situation arises when winter is done and we move into spring. The longer grass takes more time to dry and the showers are still frequent. Eventually, one inevitably gives up and takes the strimmer to the lawn for a less-than-perfect first cut and so the summer of lawn care begins. 

Clearly, there will be many experienced, or even professional gardeners out there who have better ways of dealing with this, but what if it was something we never had to deal with? No more looking out of the window and bemoaning the state of the lawn as another weekend of rain scuppers the plans to tidy things up. 

When it comes to the British spring and summer, we inevitably would prefer to enjoy our lawns on those all-too rare beautiful days, rather than be dashing for the lawn mowers. 

This is where artificial grass comes into its own. In the modern day where there is a grass style for every occasion and the quality is such that you can walk on a “fake” lawn with your shoes off and not know the difference, then why struggle on with the real stuff? 

Imagine if you took the time out now, one weekend before the winter really kicks in, to install a good artificial lawn – one that doesn’t cost the earth, but is porous, pet friendly, easy to keep clean and maintain, and which doesn’t fade in the sun. 

When the rain clears, the snow is gone and you look out of the window, there will be a perfect lawn waiting to be enjoyed. No long, straggly, wet grass that needs mowing. No muddiness. No weed removal. Just a beautiful space to be enjoyed. 

And nobody need ever know it isn’t real.