Create A Personalised Living Space

Have fun by choosing the right objects to compliment your room. Whether you have recently re-decorated or feel like sprucing up your living space, there are so many to choose from. Start with one or two colours for your accessories to coordinate with your furniture and wall colour. Contrasting colours will add a touch of vibrancy to a room. If your furniture and walls are neutral, then go bold with your accessories to add a little interest to the room. 

Balance is an important part of formal design, use symmetry in formal rooms, maybe placing chairs or sofas on either side of your fireplace. Use matching items on the ends of your mantle piece, or perhaps the same size art on opposing walls of a room. 

Lighting can add instant impact, be it wall sconces, floor lamps or a dazzling chandelier, it maybe just as simple as choosing new lamp shades. The use of mirrors can give the illusion of more space and increase light in darker areas. 

Look down, would a rug give the space a little more lift? Large- open plan rooms can benefit being separated into smaller more intimate areas. But remember, rugs used in the same room need to complement each other in style and colour. 

Try adding a footstool in a contrasting colour or placing vases of flowers on the floor - it's good to have different levels of things to notice in the room. Mixing size and height adds visual interest to your design. Use odd numbers when placing accessories in a group. 

Don’t overlook your windows, too short curtains and dusty blinds are not the way to go. You can combine curtains and blinds together in co-ordinating fabrics, or go for long curtains for a more elegant and sophisticated look. 

Piles of cushions can transform the feel of a room and can instantly give any space a lift. Try mixing fabrics and patterns, the choice is endless and it's a great way to experiment with colour too. 

Perhaps choose your accessories around a fantastic piece of art, it doesn't have to be a Picasso or cost a fortune just pick out some colours and accessorise accordingly.