Bringing Traditional Eastern Beauty Secrets To The Western World

Su-Man Hsu was the youngest of ten children born to illiterate farmers. 

Due to the family’s poor status, they would use natural sources such as water, green tea, fruit and flowers to help keep their hair and skin in top condition. 

A childhood spent experimenting with home-grown beauty secrets and ingredients under the guidance of her mother, grandmother and five older sisters, Su-Man became skilled in creating unique formulas. 

This sparked an interest in the world of health and energy - which laid the seeds for a unique approach to skincare. 

She grew up to become a professional dancer working with some of the best companies in Europe. 

Her discipline, creativity, energy and love of beauty inside and out led to a deep understanding of the body's potential. 

Her company, Su-Man Skincare, now create award-winning creams, oils and serums, and are stocked at retailers such as Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and Harrods. 

The 53-year-old, whose name translates to ‘pure satisfaction’ in Chinese, said: “Because my family were very poor we didn’t have any real beauty or hair products. Everything we used was derived from nature and were tips passed down from generations. 

“We used items such as vegetables, watermelons and green tea on our skins. Farm girls wanted to look beautiful too! 

“Being a professional dancer was such a privilege. I got to travel the world as well as make a living. This is where I learnt to look after myself and my body - I did this for 17 years. 

“While I was dancing I would create my own shampoos and soaps. There was no intention of creating a brand, it was just about finding the best things for my body and skin.” 

Su-Man also trained as a shiatsu therapist, Pilates instructor and learnt the art of ancient Japanese facial massage techniques while dancing. 

When she was 42, she retired from professional dancing and began to evolve her signature facial technique, now named the Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial. 

This grew and grew - developing from a beauty routine performed backstage at theatres across London to a must- have treatment for celebrities, including the French actress Juliette Binoche. 

“Everything that I do is connected. I started to make more and more things at home for my clients and for their particular skin concerns. It was all about experimenting with items I found at my house, such as coffee, spirulina, hibiscus flowers, oils and ingredients I researched on the Internet. 

“I don’t see myself as a formulator. What is important for me is that the products have textures that work well with simple massage application. This increases and quickens the product’s benefits and restores energy to the skin. For me this is the perfect way to look and feel younger. 

“It’s all about giving energy back to the skin and I would recommend people to start as young as possible - it’s about prevention as much as trying to combat the signs of ageing.  

“I don't believe we have to surrender ourselves to getting old. We can take control and manage it with a little bit of love, patience and discipline. There's a better version of all of us waiting to be discovered."