An Orchard Odyssey

ISBN: 9780857843265 Price: £24.99 Hardback: 224 pages 

“If you look at it the right way, the whole landscape is an orchard!” Naomi Slade (Author). 

With a degree in Biology and a lifelong interest in gardening, botany and the environment, fruit is her passion and you can feel how she can engage and enthuse her audience. “I feel there is a nostalgia about orchards,” she says, “That people love them but have a sense that they are something that is gone, out of reach - yet if you think about orchards in the right way - 5 trees less than 20m apart, anyone can have an orchard of their own, or access to one and even the smallest courtyard has space for an orchard of our very own - supporting wildlife, keeping alive a sense of place, exploring exquisite and unusual flavours." 

Her new book is for everyone who dreams of orchards, who will grasp the chance to bring the idea a little closer - to plant trees in containers, to start a community orchard, to scour the river banks for sloes and wild damsons, to forage in rough parkland. Ripe with inspiration, it will fill you with both confidence and ideas.