Be A Responsible Driver & Stay Safe For Christmas

I’m a huge ambassador for the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs. I met my wife through YFC and am proud to say I was the Leicestershire County Chair a few years ago. 

When Emma Lovegrove from Leicestershire YFC contacted me to talk to some club officers about drink driving I was only too happy to oblige. I contacted ‘Brake’ - a road safety charity, who in turn put me in contact with Martin Flanagan. Martin came along with me to talk to the members. 

Tragically, Martin's 18 year old daughter Olivia was killed in December 2013 by a drink driver. 

The way he spoke to the young audience really struck a chord with them. The facts and figures I gave from a police point of view were also quite stark. 

A life lost on the roads can be avoided, particularly those linked to drink driving. Over the Christmas period, really consider your alcohol intake – not just in the evenings, but the morning after. If you can afford to have a drink, you can afford a taxi. Have the presence of mind to plan your work nights outs or social events so that you don’t drive after alcohol. 

At the end of September I attended the National Wildlife Crime Officers course. It was a week course with topics and inputs covering badger, bat and raptor persecution, dangerous dogs and The Hunting Act 2004. It also covered the importation of prohibited items. I'm now one of 2 Wildlife Crime Officers for Leicestershire Police. 

Elsewhere – officers from Leicestershire and Northamptonshire achieved a positive result, arresting 2 people at Melton Market in October for selling stolen goods from recent rural burglaries. Much of the property was recovered and reunited with its owners. 

Rural outbuildings continue to be a target for thieves – poor security is a common denominator in many of the thefts. If you’ve got £1000s of pounds of horse tack, quality tools and gardening equipment – is it really appropriate to secure them with a cheap and flimsy padlock? 

Please stay safe and secure in the run up to Christmas. Enjoy yourselves and know your limits. 

Article by PC 297 Rob Cross