Hints & Tips For December/January by David Greaves

A spot of gardening, even on the coldest and greyest of days, will lift your spirits, and warm you up! 

The shorter days also make it more difficult for gardening as the daylight hours but there are still may jobs to continue with in the winter months 

1. Clear up fallen leaves - especially from lawns, ponds and beds. 

2. Plant Tulips and daffodils for a beautiful Spring display. 

3. Take winter hanging baskets undercover before they get exposed to severe winter frosts. Either put them under the porch or in the greenhouse if you have one. 

4. Raise containers onto pot feet to prevent water logging. 

5. Check your tool cupboard and give them some TLC - sharpening, cleaning, oiling, and ultimately replacing anything beyond repair. 

6. Prune roses to prevent wind-rock.

7. Cover brassicas with netting if pigeons are a problem. 

8. Clean out the garden shed. Take stock of what is actually in there. Seal up half empty bags of fertiliser and keep these and chemicals safely out of reach of children and pets. 

9. Insulate outdoor containers from frost - bubble wrap works well. 

10. Put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden. 

11. Use a seasonal bonfire - where this is allowed - to dispose of excess debris unfit for composting. 

12. Plants kept in a greenhouse should be watered sparingly, as with the temperature drop less water is needed. 

13. Seeds should be ordered now, if you haven’t done so already; study various catalogues to plan your spring planting program. 

14. All ties and stakes on shrubs should be checked and replaced if necessary, and dead branches should be removed. 


Although there are many winter gardening tasks at this time of year, it’s not as busy as spring and summer, so why not make the most of your time and consider exciting changes for the coming seasons?