Alcohol Linked to Increase in Prostate Cancer Cases

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer. Some 47,000 British men are diagnosed with the disease each year, and 11,000 of these cases are terminal. Shockingly one in ten who have the disease had a symptom for more than a year before going to the GP, according to the charity, Macmillan. 

Researchers from the University of Victoria in Australia recently analysed 26 previous scientific studies that linked alcohol to prostate cancer. 

They found that drinking just one pint of beer every day raises the risk of contracting prostate cancer by 23%. Therefore, when it comes to cancer, there is no safe threshold for drinking, the researchers warned. 

Previously binge-drinking was thought to raise the risk of contracting the disease. This misconception was based on flawed studies giving men a false sense of security. 

The research found that men who drank two to three units each day (one pint of 5% strength beer or two 175ml glasses of wine) raised their risk of prostate cancer compared to people who had never drank alcohol. The way in which alcohol triggers the growth of tumours in the prostate is not fully understood yet. Even as little as half a pint a week increased the likelihood of contracting the cancer. 

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