Another year, another resolution

Unlike every other year - this year I intend on keeping my resolution, so much so I have made a start and have to say I am nailing it!! For me it is not about losing those extra pounds, changing the way I eat, taking up going to the gym or all those crazy resolutions, that I have made in the past and have lasted for minutes, but as I mentioned in the last issue - 2017 is the year of being organised. 

We were lucky enough to be treated to a post Christmas break again this year (both Fliss and I are very aware this has a lot to do with grandparents loving spending time with Harriet, but we aren’t complaining). This has enabled us to fully recharge after the madness of Christmas and most importantly for Harriet to visit a beach with the sun out, which was a real novelty, as she has only visited the beach in this country in the rain up until now! 

We get so busy day to day on the farm that although we have ideas and plans coming out of our ears there is just not enough time to carry them out. As you know I spend hours on tractors and the combine and I spend a lot of this time calling Fliss with all my amazing ideas or telling her what I need her to do ‘right this moment’. I have to admit she is very good at listening, remembering the good ideas, grounding me and doing the background work into the feasibility of these ideas, she is also able to see the good in my really crazy ideas! The problem with my many calls is leaving us time to carry these plans out, so with this little break we have planned the year within an inch of its life. Obviously we don’t want the year to pass us by or be over in the blink of an eye, but now we have our new team in place and I am being organised, it is great to have a plan that we will stick to and all being well everything will run like a dream (until I come up with even more ideas and continue to drive everyone crazy!). 

So this is a taste of the year to come, there will also be all sorts of things in the Parlour throughout the year, such as Yoga and Sound Bath, Mosaic courses, Craft Days, Jo Jingles and much more, you can find details of these on our Facebook page or in the shop. 

We will be celebrating food related days throughout the year, so watch out for exciting offers. I have attached an idea of the days, as I may be organised but am not crazy, can’t give away all my ideas at once. 


14th - Valentines Day, why not treat your loved one to a meal - readymade Cooks meal or our breakfast in bed box? 28th - Pancake Day, Sweet and Savory pancake specials running from Tuesday to Saturday this week 


1st - St David’s Day
6th-12th - Pie week,
pop in and pick up a pie
17th - St Patrick’s Day
18th - Table Top Sale
26th - Mother’s Day
, treat your mum to Sunday lunch in a box – all you have to do is cook it 


8th - Easter Egg Hunt, there are chocolate bunnies to be won 11th - Joules Seconds Sale, tickets available in the shop (door money to charity)
10th -16th - UK coffee week, check out our celebratory deals 

21st - National Tea Day, will you celebrate with a cuppa? 23rd - St George’s Day 

“If you are interested in having a stall at one of our table top sales, get in touch, our aim is to promote businesses just starting out, as well as help people that are having a clear out or making space in tack rooms etc, so each sale will have a good mix of different goodies for you. 

Now as I am missing the warmth of the sun I think I will go and see how they are getting on in the shop and see
if someone will make me a cappuccino!” 

See you soon at Roots

George x