Replacing your pillows is one of the easiest ways to ensure a better nights sleep

The correct pillow can make a big impact on your quality of sleep, health and your well being.

There’s no single pillow that’s perfect for everyone, we are all individual and have different sleeping styles. 

Sleep on your front – Choose a softer pillow, (down pillow or a soft, low-fill synthetic pillow). 

Sleep on your back – Choose a medium thickness pillow, (high-fill down pillow, or medium synthetic pillow). 

Sleep on your side – Choose a medium-high thickness pillow, (high-fill down pillow, memory foam pillow or medium-high density synthetic pillow). 

A mixture of all the above – Choose a medium thickness pillow, (high-fill down pillow or medium synthetic pillow),
If you are a side sleeper, try putting a soft, low-density pillow between your knees (especially for women). This helps to align your upper hip properly, taking the pressure off and making you very comfortable. 

If you do not suffer from any known allergies then any pillow filling will be fine. However if you are allergic to feathers, or suffer from asthma or any other significant allergies – the best option is synthetic fillings such as polyester (Hollowfibre, Microfibre) or memory foam pillows. 

Is your sleep affected by any of the following? Snoring – Consider using an anti-snoring pillow. 

Sleep apnea – There are pillows designed to help relieve sleep apnea symptoms. 

Neck pain – There’s a wide range of orthopaedic pillows designed to offer special neck support for neck pain and cervical spondylosis sufferers. 

Back pain – Look for a pillow which is specifically designed to help with spine alignment. 

Pregnancy – Choose a pillow designed with special support designed for 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnant women.