They Say Change is as Good as a Rest!

I talk a lot about how things have changed, how farming continues to change, the changing trends and you forget how it can affect you and then change you as a person. We continue to change on the farm to make sure we are employing new methods of farming and I am sat writing this after our biggest change since Dad sold his dairy herd over 20 years ago. Yesterday we had a farm sale, selling up a lot of our machinery, having made the decision to contract out some of our land work and concentrate on growing for – well you – for the shop and our lovely Roots Family. 

It was a huge decision and one that Dad and I have been discussing for a while. I can’t think of any other industry where you produce a product often against the elements and after a long hard harvest you don’t sell at the price it has cost you to make, but tells you what they will pay for that tonne of grain, so it is practise like this that helped us with our decision.

That being said, this does not mean that we will not be farming, we are very excited to be able to expand our range of vegetables in the shop, continue our work with schools and have a number of really exciting projects that we are working on, all involving Dad and I still working land, driving tractors and well farming. 

Farm sales can be sad affairs, seeing your life’s work in machinery in a field, but I have to say that although I woke up this morning and wondered if it had all really happened, it has been a very positive experience and due to having such a forward thinking family and a father that understands, supports and wants to be part of the need to diversify we both have a new lease of life. Dad will never retire and we don’t want him to, our new projects and veg crops have already been discussed over a cuppa today, and that glint of excitement and enjoyment that we had been missing was back and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

The sale has taken up a lot of our time this year, not that that stops us from things like our Spring Craft Fair – that we held in the snow – yep spring was in the air! Exciting events for Mother’s Day and Easter Egg hunts. On top of this Fliss felt that we really didn’t have enough to do and when we were told that Hattie’s Pre School was looking set to close, she did what any busy Mum of two does – joined the committee to stop this happening. 

Some things are just too good to change .... 

Children are so clever and with all the change as positive as it is on the farm there was no way we were going to let the place that Hattie loves going each morning close. So there are now six wonderful mummies and band of merry helpers that really have their work cut out in getting the message out there about a local service that needs support. I have mentioned in the past that I went to the very same pre-school and it would break my heart to think that Rosie would not be able to enjoy it too. The committee has been able to extend hours from Easter with Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s now being open till 3pm, so children can learn through play for that bit longer each week. If you are a grandparent that looks after grandchildren and need a break why not try one morning a week, or you are local and looking for somewhere your children will adore with staff that you feel could be part of the family as they take such good care of your children, give them a call on: 07743 243325 or email: and arrange to pop in and see what your kiddos are missing. 

Right best get back to the future of farming 

See you soon at Roots George x