Double Third Ceremony (Where there is darkness let there be Light) - An update from Lodge Illuminatus

In all my years in Freemasonry I have never seen a double Third Degree ceremony performed as the Third is, in my opinion, the most complex, the most difficult and the most meaningful Ceremony of all the Three Degrees. 

However, as we are building our new Lodge up we need to get Candidates up to Master Masons as soon as possible. I acknowledge this is not the usual way things are done but we are planning to run a Lodge of Instruction for the benefit of the newer members in due course. 

One of the new Master Masons should be in capable hands as he was Raised by his dad with his mum in attendance as, in this Order, we have men and women working together which makes this particular brand of Freemasonry so much more enjoyable, and I would like to think, more enlightened and more in tune with the modern world. 

After the Ceremony we were treated to a wonderful three course meal presented by one of the senior Brethren. The Worshipful Master took wine with Grand Master and his distinguished guests, followed by the usual toasts and speeches, much appreciated by the assembled company. 

Our next big Ceremony will be the Enthronement of the new Grand Master and we are proud that Leicester has been chosen for such a special event. 

The history of Freemasonry goes back over many centuries and has evolved from the physical skills of the ancient Masons to the intellectual and moral skills of the modern Mason. If you would like to explore the concepts of moral truth and good standing that all Masons are expected to follow, together with ancient dramas of penalties, bloodshed and, yes, even symbolic death, then please email the Secretary of the Lodge; and you will find yourself in a very friendly and supportive group of fellow human beings and experience that special bond within a band of Brothers.