RSPB and Barratt Extend Partnership to Give Nature a Home

david wilson homes and the rspb will work together to boost biodiversity and promote wildlife. through such initiatives as hedgehog highways, bee friendly planting and swift bricks, the aim of the partnership is to help all forms of wildlife and nature on new housing developments. 

over the last 50 years 56% of species have declined while 15% are at risk of disappearing from our shores altogether. with the country’s wildlife continuing to struggle the ground breaking partnership between europe’s largest nature conservation charity and the country’s largest housebuilder is setting the benchmark for nature friendly homes. 

the first three years of the partnership have been a resounding success with both organisations working together to agree best practice on what are the best plants and shrubs to use in gardens, the best times in the year to survey local species and how to make good use of existing nature features on new developments. in addition the partnership is helping home owners by offering guidance and advice on how to help nature thrive. 

welcoming the renewal, mike clarke, chief executive of the rspb, said: “The wildlife we see and hear where we live is important. Having birds, butterflies, bees, hedgehogs and other visitors in our gardens makes us feel good about where we live as well as improving our own sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately our natural world is in trouble, so it is vital that we look at how construction can be sympathetic to nature and how future communities can welcome wildlife. 

“For three years the RSPB and David Wilson Homes have been working together to create spaces for nature and wildlife, and I am pleased that we will be continuing our partnership for another three years, leading to more new neighbourhoods being designed with nature in mind.” 

the partnership has received particular praise for designing an innovative new swift brick to support the iconic birds with nesting sites in new homes. other awards for the partnership over the last three years have included a whathouse? silver award for best partnership scheme, a big biodiversity challenge award for showhome garden designs and a prestigious rspcA animal hero award for its flagship sustainable development Kingsbrook. 

John reddington, managing director of david wilson homes east midlands, said: “Our partnership renews our commitment to building great places that provide high quality homes and supports the environment for people and wildlife alike to thrive. 

“We’ll continue to work together on nature friendly best practice that helps people, plants and animals alike become healthier and happier.”