Prostate Care, failing patients

The first national Prostate audit of services says the NHS is failing to deliver the best treatment and diagnosis to thousands of men with prostate cancer. It has shown 'A worryingly vast variation' in access to advanced MRI scanning and the latest radiotherapy techniques.

Do's and Don'ts from highly-experienced facial therapist, Amanda Elias and Bravura London founder - Skincare Tips for Men

Don’t use a moisturiser that contains alcohol or perfume after shaving, use a gentle moisturiser. It’s essential to moisturise so that you rehydrate the skin, shaving will strip the skin of its natural moisture.

Male reproductive problems may add to falling fertility rates European Science Foundation publishes new report on male reproductive health

Reduced male fertility may be making it even harder for couples to conceive and be contributing to low birth rates in many countries, revealed a new European Science Foundation (ESF) report launched at a meeting in Paris at the end of November.