Electricity collected from the air could be the newest alternative energy source


Imagine devices that capture electricity from the air - much like solar cells capture sunlight - and using them to light a house or recharge an electric car. Imagine using similar panels on the rooftops of buildings to prevent lightning before it forms.

Electrifying findings: New ways of boosting healthy antioxidant levels in potatoes

Here’s a scientific discovery fit to give Mr. Potato Head static cling and flyaway hair (if that vintage plastic toy had hair). Scientists have reported discovery of two simple, inexpensive ways of boosting the amounts of healthful antioxidant substances in potatoes.

Scientists launch Solar Stormwatch to ask public for help in understanding the Sun

Solar Stormwatch

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich (ROG), in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Zooniverse are launching Solar Stormwatch, a new web project where anyone can help spot and track solar storms and be involved in the